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Firefox Hacks :: Improve the Usability of the Bookmarks Manager

October 14, 2007

Opening the bookmarks manager with keywords avoids problems with big bookmarks lists and Flat Bookmark Editing makes the bookmarks manager to an active workspace.

The handling of bookmarks in the current versions of Firefox results in some annoyances when the number of bookmarks reaches several hundred or thousand bookmarks. For example, Firefox does not respond for several seconds after the mouse pointer came across the bookmarks menu because it is putting all bookmarks into the menu.

Fortunately, the user interface of Firfox and other Mozilla-based browsers can be opened from the URL bar:


I saved it as a bookmark, opened the bookmark properties, and entered as keyword “bm”. Since then I have never used the menu again because it is much fast to press Control-L (to activate the URL bar), enter “bm”, and hit the Enter key. A double click on a bookmark opens the website in the same tab. But it can be opened in a new tab when the Control key is pressed while double clicking. This keeps the bookmarks manager open and saves time when the bookmarks manager is used more frequently.

The second major improvement in usability was to install the Firefox extention Flat Bookmark Editing (screenshot). It works like a tool in Photoshop that stays open instead of being opened and closed with every change. This type of permanent dialog window is always very useful for any continuing editing processes. Saving bookmarks without changing anything has been the primary use in the past. But adding and changing tags or meta-data requires a better editing process. The lower effort for editing is very beneficial for the active use of bookmarks. Flat Bookmark Editing makes changing tags or short notes much quicker. I hope Firefox will soon have a sidebar like Flat Bookmark Editing that loads all information simultaneously with the website and would be a very effective annotation tool.

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