Firefox Hacks :: Search Simultaneously in Firefox,, and Archived Bookmarks

A simple script searches for one or more terms in Firefox,, and archived bookmarks files. The script presents the results in Firefox using Netscape’s standard format for bookmarks.

At the time I realized that the size of my bookmarks file was slowing down the response time of Firefox/Mozilla I decided to split the file. I moved a large fraction of the bookmarks I want to keep as a permanent history of selected websites to an archive without changing the format of the bookmarks. The Firefox bookmarks file contains since then the newest bookmarks and the permanent favorites on the very top to be shown in the bookmarks sidebar.

Searching the bookmarks and their tags in the archive (permanent history) required a script I wrote in BASH to use it on Linux systems. The script searches for one or more words in the archive, in the Firefox bookmarks file, and in the backup file of my bookmarks. So, all bookmarks can be searched from one place.


  • Download the script;
  • Put it in your ~/bin directory or where ever you have your scripts;
  • Change its permissions to make it executable; and
  • Configure all paths and file names of your bookmarks files.

If you’re using KDE I recommend to open the mini-command line (Alt-F2) and type for example: bms Firefox<Enter>. This is very similar to using keywords in Firefox. The search results are shown in a new tab in Firefox. For bookmarks is the response time much shorter than on the web. The backup files can be downloaded from<YourLogin>/export. But the backups contain the notes of each bookmark as multiple lines below the bookmark. You can use this perl script to convert it to a file with one line per bookmark.

If you like to see a list of all bookmarks with Firefox keywords search for SHORTCUTURL. With regular expressions for the search, you can try ordered tags, e.g. bms “tags:.*social.*bookmarks”, and many other powerful search terms.

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