Firefox Hacks :: Tagging Bookmarks

The hack is a simple but powerful guideline that makes use of bookmarks search in Firefox.

Many Firefox users hope that tagging of bookmarks will be implemented very soon. But very few seem to realize that bookmarks search in Firefox can be used as simple tagging system:

  • Bookmark a website,
  • Go in the opened dialog window to the end of the tittle field, and
  • Add a separator code plus the tags.

For example, when I would tag this blog I would expend the title “Firefox Hacks :: Tagging Bookmarks” to “Firefox Hacks :: Tagging Bookmarks – tips tricks howto”. The tags Firefox, hacks, and tagging are not necessary because they are already in the title. Typing “tips” in the search field of the bookmarks manager lists all bookmarks with “tips” in the title including the bookmark for the Firefox hack.

I’m using this simple hack since the Mozilla browser has the function to search bookmarks because I quickly realized that the titles of websites are frequently not very descriptive or that I need to associate the website with projects I was working on. The free association with projects and ideas is actually an important issue that will always require some manual editing. It is not necessary to organize the bookmarks in folders. They can just remain in a flat list because I retrieve the bookmarks with the search function.
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